Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager – Shingeki no kyojin

Eren YeagerAbout this costume:

It’s been a while since I cosplayed a male character. I really love Shingeki no kyojin and Eren is, without doubt, my favorite character. This costume was one of those, I couldn’t wait to wear.
The main work was definitely the 3D maneuver gear. But it was a lot of fun, too and I must say I really love this weapon a lot. I wrote a detailed tutorial about it here.
The rest of the costume was quite easy. Because of group cosplay purposes we didn’t sew the jackets but bought them instead, to make sure they will all look identically. The belt system wasn’t as difficult as expected. In total I sewed around 7 metre and added more belts which I bought.
This costume is also used in our Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay music video, so I wore it a lot more often than other costumes. But it seems to be very durable, so I can’t complain. (^,~)v

Photographers: Chikara, theDevil, vw, B1NH

Cosplay partner: San-Chi, Chikako, Reika, Mizukishou, Mikami, Nami, Marlu, Fiona

Shingeki no kyojin CMV:
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Shingeki no kyojin CMV (Fanmade vs Original):
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Shingeki no kyojin CMV making of:
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Shingeki no kyojin photo shooting making of:
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