Leafeon (Gijinka) – Pokémon

About this costume:

I always wanted to cosplay any eevee evolution and slowly, over the years Leafeon became my favorite. This is why when a friend planned a group, I grabbed the chance to finally do this. The theme was “arabic” / “oriental” style so I hope I managed to portrait that. I think it’s a bit difficult with Leafeon’s light colors. Arabic and light blonde hair sounds a bit wrong. But I like it anyway. I bought a used evening gown online for this purpose and basically cut it into pieces (Poor dress!!), then I changed it into this top and skirt and added all the details, mostly trying to use things which I already had at home. Own creations are always good to get rid of left-over material which most cosplayers have so much of! The shoes used to be pink before I modified them! ^^ The wrist and ankle accessories and the flower for the necklace are selfmade too. The wig was dyed and curled. The ears are made with dyed felt and fake fur, attached to an alice band with wire.

Photographers: Meermiau, L1th1um_602

Cosplay partner: Rising Sun Cosplay