Ciel Phantomhive (Sleepy Hollow)

Ciel Phantomhive (Sleepy Hollow) – Kuroshitsuji

About this costume:

This is one of my favorite costumes ever. Many people started making Ciel’s pink dress and I like that one as well, but I wonder why only a few cosplayers and Kuroshitsuji fans remember this beautiful striped dress. It’s the cover of one of the early manga chapters and the original design is from Tim Burton’s movie Sleepy Hollow, in which Katrina Van Tassel wears it. Since the lower part of the dress can’t be seen on the manga cover, I took screenshots from the Sleepy Hollow movie as a reference. The dress has two frill rows at the bottom. It took quite a while to make them. The dress is very heavy because of the frills and the bustle. It’s also one of the first dresses I made and I know some parts that could have been made a lot better, but I still love the overall result.

Photographer: Akito

Cosplay partner:  Mikami