Ayase Eli (Wonderful Rush)

Ayase Eli (Wonderful Rush) – Love Live

Ayase Eli (Wonderful Rush)About this costume:

Eli is clearly my favorite from all the girls in Love Live, so the character decision was easy. Deciding an outfit was a lot more complicated because Eli has so many pretty outfits.
I put a lot of effort in making it because my original plan was to take part in a contest. In the end I didn’t take part but I’m still happy about the result of my work, especially the skirt. ^^ Everything apart from the blouse and gloves is selfmade. The earrings and golden button parts on the vest are made out of worbla finest art.

Photographers: vw, Hubby, San-Chi

Cosplay partner: Lissy, Nevi, Fiona, Mi-chan, Amala, Sayra, Neko, Shpo