Ayase Eli (Cheerleader)

Ayase Eli (Cheerleader) – Love Live

Ayase Eli (Cheerleader)About this costume:

This costume was sponsored to me by Cosplay Sky. They asked me if I want to pick anything from their store and because I love Eli and you can never have enough Love Live cosplays, I decided on this one. Headphones, pompoms and boots were not included. I bought random headphones with the matching shape, added the microphone and painted them with acrylic color. The pompoms were from an UK cheerleader store. The hair accessory and socks (blue stripes wohooo! Much work! XD) are selfmade as well. The boots were cheap used ones which I painted and added new shoe laces.

Photographers: vw, Meermiau

Cosplay partner: Fiona, Amala, Sayra, Neko, Shpo, Mikumi, Mimi, Koucchi