Alice (Christmas version)

Alice (Christmas version) – Pandora Hearts

About this costume:

Some basic parts of  this costume were made in 2010 but I finished it in 2017 so I list it in this year. Back then I only made the top and mini skirt and then I didn’t know how to continue. ^^” Seven years later I thought I have enough skills for the hoop skirt but it was still very time- and nerve-consuming to make it. Since I didn’t have the same fabric anymore, I had to dye another one. I’m glad I managed to dye it in the exact same shade of red and you really can’t tell it apart. I also made the boot covers and crown and a new back-parting of the wig. Even if the base is old, I’m still very happy with the final result now.

Photographer: Cosplay Hunter, Aizen-sama