Premiere: Romeo x Juliet + Convention schedule 2013

Hi guys! ^^ Sorry for the rare updates but I have been very busy recently and didn’t have much time. ;__; Anyway, I want to tell you a little about our showgroup “monogatari”. We perform a one hour play of Romeo x Juliet on several German conventions this year. Our premier was two weeks ago and it was a wonderful experience. Everything went alright, the hall was full of people (the security people didn’t even let anyone in anymore because it was too full! XD Wow!!!) and we got such a great feedback. Even standing ovation! I’m very happy about it. We were training over a year and everyone did their best. I’m playing the role of Hermione, Romeo’s jealous fiancé. She’s a beautiful and elegant girl but she can also be a really jealous angry bitch, haha. XD It’s a lot of fun playing both her sweet and her mean character. I’m having a lot of fun and I hope that our upcoming shows will be as wonderful as the first one. <3

I don’t have any video of the show yet, but I’ll post it as soon as it’s online. For now let me share some photos with you:

And here is our trailer on youtube. It also has English subtitles. ^^


Also I want to tell you to which events I will go this year. It’s the first time I will go to international conventions as well, so I’m very excited. I hope to meet a lot of new and lovely people! I will also be traveling to Japan in October, that’s why I won’t be on any other events. (I need to save money, haha. ;D) But if there are any events in Tokyo during the time I’ll be there, I would love to visit them. ^^

1-2 June:
:bulletpink: Animecon, Den Haag, Holland

6-7 July:
:bulletpink: JapanExpo, Paris, France

13-14 July:
:bulletpink: CosDay, Frankfurt, Germany

13-15 September:
:bulletpink: Connichi, Kassel, Germany